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A Pentecost from Africa to Europe, from Europe to Africa: History and Distinctiveness of The Apostolic Church Nigeria, 1918-2017

This over 700 paged book  edited by S.A.Fatokun and co-authored by S.A. Fatokun, S.A. Isaiah, C.A. Adeleye, & D.A. Oyeleke,   is a centennary history book project on the historical emergence and distinctiveness of The Apostolic Church Nigeria as the pioneer Classical Pentecostal denomination in Nigeria and as well the Mother of Apostolic Pentecostal churches in the country.  The denomination known today as THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH NIGERIA is from  historical setting  an African Indigenous Pentecostal Church with European affiliation.  The book traces the emergence of this church from a purely African indigenous Pentecostal setting in 1918 with the name  'Precious Stone Society (first a semi-autonomus group  of St. Saviour's Anglican Church, Italupe, Ijebu-Ode, but later proscribed by Anglican church authorities). In 1923, the movement entered into affiliation with  'Faith Tabernacle Congregation (FTC)' -an American Holiness Movement which only shared  a belief in divine healing and principles of prevailing prayers, and becme known as Nigerian Faith Tabernacle Congregation. On 15 November 1931, the indigenous Pentecostal movement de-affiliated from FTC America as a result of its  non supports of the  1930 indigenous Pentecostal revival led by Evangelist Joseph Ayo Babalola, and enetered into a   fresh affiliation with a European Classical Pentecostal denomination by name 'The Apostolic Church' with General Headquarters at Penygroes, South Wales, United Kingdom. In  February 1940, two   out of the seven  indigenous  African founding fathers of the church  (Pastors Odubanjo and Akinyele) broke away over disagreement with the European missionaries on the issue of divine healing and some other related matters, and birthed what is known today as Christ Apostolic Church.  Distinctively, The Apostolic Church  Nigeria as an African-European Classical Pentecostal denomination  aims at a renaiscent of the spiritual dynamism and doctrinal purity of the first century Apostolic Church through her emphasis on  the   five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4:11 and  restoration of the office of apostle, among other Pentecostal teachings and practices.    Characteristally, The Apostolic Church Nigeria, is historically the pioneer Classical Pentecostal denomination in Nigeria, and as well the Mother, Grand-mother, and Great -Grand Mother of a good number of  Pentecostal denominations in Nigeria today (both apostolic and non-apostolic by names). 

S.A. Fatokun,(editor); S.A. Isaiah, C.A. Adeleye, & D.A. Oyeleke (Co-autors)