College : Nil

Department : ENVIRONMENT

Designation : Farm Officer I

Email :

Phone Number : 2347067220820



Oziegbe Timothy Ose is a native of Uromi,Edo State,graduate from Ambrose Alli University,Ekopma with B.Agric,Crop science Major, Crop production,Phd in view.

He was the farm officer in charge of crop production,and at present he is the head of Environment Unit.

He has served in various capcity in the university,as member of covocation committee,Staff farm committee,Student farm practicals committee,Crop production committee.

He was two time financial secretary of SAU cooperative,One time Vice president SAU cooperative.

Oziegbe Timothy Ose is a member to so many organizations amoungs are:Crop scienceist society of Nigeria,Agricultural scientist society of Nigeria, Redaint Association,Special marshal etc